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The business technology landscape can be treacherous without the right solutions. Connected Office evolves your print service and document management approach.

Light a Path Through the Business Technology Wilderness

Exhausting your printer toner in the middle of a busy work week can feel like someone’s snuffed your light in the middle of the night. Suddenly you’re lost in the woods with no way out. When your mission-critical equipment is out of service, you need someone who can lend a light and get you back up and running with no wasted time. And more than that, you need a friendly face to greet you.

Connected Office Technologies is a partner-focused printer service and document management system provider with a friendly approach to business technology. We’re not the mysterious suits who pick up the phone at 1-800-NOWHERE. We’re personable, experienced, and eager to build a lasting relationship with you. Whether you need preventative maintenance or a remote print monitoring solution, our team is available 24/7/365.

We learn all about your business and align with your mission. You get to know us, and when we visit you to get your printing equipment in good order and light your path through the dark, you can rest assured that the technician holding the torch is someone you know.

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Learn the Story Behind Your New Workplace Solution Partners

Connected Office Technologies was founded in 2015 by Kyle Romick and Tom Mitchell. Before starting the business, Kyle and Tom worked for corporate America in the business technology space for many years and, through their experience, witnessed consolidation in the market.

There used to be many locally owned companies offering excellent service with a personalized, neighborly approach to sales and service. Over time, giant corporations purchased those smaller organizations, and the customer was stuck with the suits at 1-800-NOWHERE, who had little to offer but endless billing and long-term contracts with no escape.

Local service technicians have become a thing of the past, but they don’t have to be. Our mission is to offer a cost-effective and engaging way to deliver sales and service. We’re old school with new school processes and equipment. There are no overages or confusing terms with our contracts—our agreements are one page long and easy to read. And if you’re worried about the bill, we deliver all-inclusive programs at a flat monthly payment.


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Say Bye To Expensive Printer Toner and Ink Replacements

Connected Office offers printer programs for a flat monthly fee that includes a commercial-grade printer and automatic toner delivery. Let’s upgrade your business technology.

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The Connected Office team is dedicated to making a difference for our partners through quality service and personalized strategies. Find out what sets our crew apart from the giants in the industry.

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The Connected Office team is there at the drop of a pin to help you get your technology infrastructure into shape. Learn more about us.