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Time is of the essence in hospital and medical settings, where staff has to balance their efforts between patient care and everyday office work and record keeping. The eScan was designed to make these mundane tasks more efficient, freeing staff to focus on their essential duties. The eScan is the perfect scanner for healthcare situation due to the following functions:


  • Direct scanning to practice management systems (EMR), the cloud, shared folders or email, eliminating the need to move files and the risk of losing or misplacing them

  • The ability to scan to designated locations without being connected to a PC

  • On-screen preview and enhancement to ensure optimum scan quality

  • Automatic naming and watermark

  • Programmable one-touch buttons for repeated tasks

  • The ability to scan rigid cards and documents with the same machine

  • Fast, double-sided scanning

  • 50 page ADF loading with blank page separation allows for simplified bulk scanning

  • Ideal for patient registration, medical records management, insurance filing, and more

The eScan was designed not as a tool, but as a solution to the complex scanning needs of complex workplaces, such as medical offices. It makes administrative work fast and painless and allows healthcare offices to scan patient records, medical and ID cards and other documents directly to their computers and document management systems without interrupting the workflow of personnel.

Our standalone network scanner can easily be moved from one area to another and can scan directly to PDF, document management software, email, and more. The eScan ensures excellent image quality and easy integration with the current practice management, patient registration, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or pharmacy management solution.

HIPAA Guidelines for the eScan 

In order to maintain HIPAA compliance, there are a few considerations before letting the staff operate the eScan. Make sure that everyone with access to the eScan and medical records reviews these simple guidelines.  



  • The eScan comes with a built-in USB for direct scanning to USB. This must be disabled to ensure that data cannot be removed by an external drive.

  • Configure the job scan buttons with the existing HIPAA compliant email service provider.

  • When scanning to email, do not include a patient’s information in the subject line.

  • If this machine is not used to send Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) via email, make sure that the admin disables the email settings.

  • The eScan does not keep copies of scanned information in its memory, but will cache the last job until it is completed the user presses “finish.” As such, it is advised that the operator stays near the machine until the scan is completed.

  • The eScan can scan directly into a corresponding folder of the current practice and record management software. It is highly recommended that the provider be a HIPAA-covered entity using the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) safe harbor encryption meeting AES standard. Only use the procedure provided by the software vendor on how to safely scan directly into their software.

eScan is the best HIPAA scanner:

Scan To Email
Scan To FTP
Scan To Network Folder