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Financial Professionals

The ideal scanner for accountants, CPA’s and other Financial Professionals

Scanning optimizes financial and accounting workflows, adds simplicity, efficiency and security for auditing, all without a PC

The network scanner is an ideal paperless converter for CPAs, allowing them to quickly scan and send documents of various weights and sizes – from general ledger, accounts receivable, account payable, sales orders and shipping orders – to multiple destinations, including the cloud, shared folders, email, FTP and more.


The eScan comes with a number of connectors that add one-touch scanning function for SharePoint and OneDrive, and users can scan also directly to a wide array of DMS, including PsigenPersonableeFileCabinetAdvanced Data Spectrum, or FileBound via the eScan’s intuitive touch screen interface.


This allows CPAs to quickly scan and store important financial documents, to send digital copies of all paperwork to both clients, accounts payable, and records. Duplex scanning and the built-in blank page separation function makes for easy bulk scanning, and the custom watermark and file naming adds added security to each document scanned.

The eScan’s pre-programmable job buttons allow for one-touch scanning to designated locations, so whether you’re sending a proofed price sheet or a trial balance, invoices, supporting documents, reimbursement forms or tax documents, the eScan can quickly and effortlessly deliver them to their correct folder.


eScan’s also offer the API that allows corporations or a software vendor to create their own connector for fast and seamless integration into the existing workflow.


The eScan features

  • Direct scanning to multiple locations, including document management systems (DMS), SharePoint, OneDrive, eFileCabinet, Cloud, USB, shared folders, email, and many more, all without having to connect to a PC

  • The ability to scan rigid cards and documents with the same machine, including documents up to 28” long (such as for car dealer’s installment sales contract)

  • Automatic naming and watermark

  • On-screen preview and enhancement to ensure optimum scan quality

  • Programmable one-touch buttons for repeated tasks

  • Fast, double-sided scanning, with a 50 page ADF loading with blank page separation allows for simplified bulk scanning

  • The ability to use the machine without having to connect or reconnect to a PC, allowing multiple users to scan and send documents

  • Open API for integration into your current system


The eScan’s ability to quickly scan, label and distribute documents makes it ideal for accountants and CPAs, who can then spend less time doing tedious paperwork, and more time serving their clients.

Note on SarbOx/SOX Compliant Scanners

The eScan can easily be set up to facilitate the proper financial records handling and record keeping to ensure SarbOx/Sox compliance and facilitate quick retrieval from any DMS for audits.

Plustek strongly recommends that you post usage guidelines for the eScan in order to ensure that all documents are filed correctly.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (often shortened to SarbOx or SOX) is legislation passed by the U.S. Congress to protect shareholders and the general public from accounting errors and fraudulent practices in the enterprise, as well as improve the accuracy of corporate disclosures. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) administers the act, which sets deadlines for compliance and publishes rules on requirements.