Monochrome Printers for Bold Deliverables

A limited color palette does not mean limited capabilities. The MX-M1056 produces crisp and compelling documents.

Experience the Latest in Laser Monochrome Printers

You’re up to your nose in print requests, but Ol’ Reliable isn’t doing the job. Your current copier is sluggish and shoddy, yielding unreadable documents at a snail’s pace. You can’t stick with your old solution anymore—it’s costing you productivity and potential business. So what do you do?

You dial up your friendly neighborhood technicians at Connected Office Technologies, cooperate with our experts, and implement a brand-new solution. The high-volume environment is no match for the MX-M1056 monochrome printer. Whether you run a scan-centric setting or an in-plant copy room, this Sharp Pro Series multifunction printer delivers high-quality features that streamline your workflow and boost your efficiency.

The key benefits of Sharp’s monochrome multifunction printer include:

Ease of Use

Sharp’s award-winning touchscreen interface offers a user-friendly experience with modifiable easy modes, intuitive job management, and robust wireless connecting capabilities.

GBC SmartPunch Plus

An automated in-line punching system that seamlessly transitions from printing to punching, perforating, or creasing.

Fiery Print Servers

The Fiery Command WorkStation print server helps you support advanced workflows with high print speed, streamlined controls, and complete touchscreen integration.

Sharp MX-M1056 - 3

What To Expect From Sharp’s Monochrome Multifunction Laser Printer

Not every machine is suitable for a print-on-demand environment. Finding the right match for your workflow and business structure can make all the difference in your productivity. Whether you work from a small office, home office, or a skyscraping corporate building, the MX-M1056 is your printing ally through thick and thin.

If you aren’t sure about your chemistry with the MX-M1056, the technicians at Connected Office Technologies are prepared to perform a full-fledged walkthrough of your facility to identify your needs and assess your compatibility with the monochrome printer. Our services include detailed implementation strategy, product installation, training, and ongoing maintenance. We ensure you have the best fit.

Product Specifications

The MX-M1056’s features include:

  • Scan preview and fingertip navigation for quick and easy page editing
  • 300-sheet duplex printing single pass feeder to scan documents at up to 240 pages-per-minute
  • Comprehensive print engine paper catalog to hold up to 1,000 media profiles for high-quality printing
  • Crystal-clear 1,200 by 1,200 dpi printing for fine details, small text, and graphics
  • 4,000-sheet stacking finisher with 100-sheet stapling capacity
  • 4,000-sheet saddle-stitch finisher, which can produce an 80-page professional document
  • Multi-layered security, including Firmware Attack Prevention, Application Whitelisting, and the End-of-Lease, which deletes sensitive data before trade-in

Never Break the Bank With Connected Office

We know you have other essential objectives to dedicate your funds to. Our toner and maintenance services come at an affordable flat monthly rate that never increases. Save with our crew.

Maintain Your Monochrome Multifunction Printer With Connected Office Technologies

The black-and-white printer of your dreams doesn’t need to live in your imagination. Our team takes your business technology aspirations and makes them as concrete as your home office. Whether you need a new monochrome printer, a multifunction color printer, or a best-in-class Sharp A3 printer, we’re ready to take your productivity to the next level.

We dive deep into your requirements to match you with a machine that shatters your expectations. If you ever need upgrades or fresh toner cartridges, we apply proactive tactics that fix your problems you didn’t yet ask to be solved. Our team is your local tech expert, whether you’re a national client or a literal neighbor.