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Are you holding out for a business technology hero? The Connected Office Technologies team is ready to swoop in with comprehensive, robust solutions.

Build Unique Solutions To Your Business Technology Issues

On Monday, the desktop printer is spitting out half-inked collateral. Tuesday, the printer toner is low on the copier machine, and there are no supplies to be found. On Wednesday, the interactive display went wonky during a meeting, and the malfunction cost you a new client. By Friday, the office is in chaos.

That’s the status quo for most companies operating without the managed print services and document management solutions they need to streamline their workflow. It’s a scenario that Connected Office Technologies strives to save our partners from at any cost. Our technicians are resourceful, knowledgeable, and friendly. We approach managed services with a neighborly attitude. Even if we aren’t just down the block, we treat you like we are.

Consider us the Superpeople of the print service and document management world. We’re aligned with your daily operations and can detect every stuttering printhead, strained copier machine, and cry for printer toner from one thousand miles away. Whether you need remote assistance or onsite maintenance services, we’re there for you when you need us.

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Don’t Settle for Anonymity in Business Technology Services

The Connected Office is full of people and personalities you get to know and rely on as we build a partnership. We’re not the faceless bunch you call at 1-800-NOWHERE. Meet our experts.

Enjoy Attentive Workplace Solutions for Industries of All Kinds

Connected Office delivers simple solutions to everyday workplace issues. We apply the latest and greatest processes and equipment to address your woes, boosting your long-term productivity and efficiency. We offer printer programs for a flat monthly fee, including remote monitoring and printer maintenance services. Are you unsure about your current provider? We can buy out your contract and treat you to our easy-to-read one-page agreement.

  • Healthcare

    In today’s competitive marketplace, efficient and cost-effective operations are vital. Nonprofits, in particular, can benefit from approaches that maximize their resources, direct more funds to their mission, and increase overall productivity.

  • Education

    Connected Office integrates document management solutions with Google Classroom and Google Drive. Our interactive displays replace outdated overhead projectors and improve student communication and collaboration. Our remote monitoring service reduces downtime for teachers with proactive supplies and maintenance.

  • Non-Profit

    We deliver efficient and affordable printing solutions that are manageable for non-profit organizations. With Connected Office Technologies, you can create a customized printing solution that both streamlines your operation and reduces costs.

  • Government

    We deliver all-inclusive packages that address your specific problems. Our flat monthly fee eliminates overages and allows you to budget for solutions without fearing hidden costs or sudden charges. Our team works with cooperative buying groups to deliver the lowest cost possible to your agency.

  • Finance

    We introduce new document management workflow solutions to your institution to streamline the digitization process of your digital files. With Connected Office’s all-inclusive program, you can print all you want for one fixed monthly cost. Our strategies are scalable and apply no matter how locations you have across the country.