Our In-Depth Process

To survive the shifting technology landscape, you need more than a vendor. Connected Office Technologies is your steadfast partner.

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Don’t Travel the Road to Business Technology Mastery Alone

You feel confident in your workforce and have a crystal-clear vision of what you want to be five, ten, or even twenty years from now. Your company has all the main ingredients for long-term success, but your strategy is incomplete without one core resource—a seasoned team of engineers, analysts, account representatives, and technicians.

Imagine the business technology landscape as a world both rife with opportunity and plagued with printing equipment, inefficient printer toner, orcs, wonky interactive displays, goblins, bad wizards, and who knows what else. The Office Technologies Team is your fellowship. We form a circle around you and guide you through the industry, evading perils and addressing your pain points before you realize they’re there.

Our Specialists Are Experienced and Enchanting

We work with you to gain a deep working knowledge of your processes and workflow so we can recommend relevant print services and document management system solutions. Our team makes a lasting connection with you. Our mission is to remind companies what it’s like to have a crew of personable technicians behind them. We’re not the suits from 1-800-NOWHERE. We have names and faces you get to know.

How We Approach the Technology Assessment Process

There’s no time or resources to waste when you have business objectives to fulfill. Gain a complete understanding of Connected Office’s comprehensive assessment process.

  • 1. Introduction

    We start with a handshake and a conversation. There’s no better place for a long-term partnership to begin. Our team meets with you to discuss your short- and long-term business technology goals and any initiatives or projects in your pipeline. When we understand your mission, it’s easier to recommend printing equipment and managed services that complement your efforts.

  • 2. Facility Walkthrough

    Our technicians conduct an in-depth survey of your property to collect data and assess your needs. We discover your challenges and pinpoint areas for improvement. We examine your current hardware and workflow and determine what you may need to boost productivity and mobility in your organization. If you’re stuck in a contract you want to exit, we can also review your current agreements and outline an action plan.

    2. Facility Walkthrough

  • 3. Thorough Analysis

    Connected Office’s specialists compile all our data and observations to gain visibility on your organization. We create a comprehensive document that covers all your existing challenges and outlines areas for improvement.

  • 4. Present Our Findings

    We walk your leadership through our assessment and pick apart our collected data. We take a deep dive into the research, offering you a complete view of the costs associated with your current printing equipment and document management systems and illustrating how your workforce interacts with your technology framework on a day-to-day basis. By the end of the meeting, we will have created a new strategy modeled around your unique requirements.

    4. Present Our Findings

  • 5. Implementation

    The Connected Office team introduces your new, actionable strategy to your company. We apply our all-inclusive and white-glove approach to managed services to install a solution tailored to your needs. Our technicians and analysts ensure that the implementation phase proceeds without a hitch and that your new strategy provides the desired results.

  • 6. Follow-Up

    Our work doesn’t end after we’ve installed your new multifunction printer or 4K monitor. Connected Office believes in establishing and maintaining a relationship with partners, so we ask you how your new technology solution is treating you and how satisfied you are with our performance. We grow together.

    6. Follow-Up

  • 7. Ongoing Maintenance

    Your business technology is optimized to serve you well. Our technicians ensure that never changes by keeping your equipment up to date. We constantly review our brand partnerships to ensure we treat you with the industry’s latest and greatest equipment and processes. You deserve solutions that keep you mobile and productive, and that’s what we deliver.