AQUOS and Interactive Whiteboards in Schools

Interactive whiteboards have been emerging and integrating themselves into classrooms across the country. Finding new ways to capture and engage students by presenting class material in entirely new ways. AQUOS Interactive Displays are the next generation of interactive whiteboards. Teachers enjoy the ease of use with existing management systems such as Blackboard ®, Google® Classroom, Splashtop® Classroom, and more to give teachers the ability to access and save files. The open-system architecture allows for collaboration between teachers to share files, annotations, and lesson plans all while maintaining the same AV control system in place in the school. Overwhelming to develop new lesson plans for every teacher to use on the AQUOS Board? No problem! Lesson plans can be shared between devices for access by other teachers which can save on planning time, allowing more time for student-teacher interaction. Plus, with 10-point touch technology, up to 4 students can write on the AQUOS Board at one time.

When deciding on implementing new devices into a school environment, cost and integration often becomes a large factor. With many schools wanting to integrate both interactive displays and student devices such as tablets, Chromebooks, or laptops; getting all those devices on one easy-to-use and cost-friendly platform can often be difficult. With AQUOS Display technology and SHARP Display Connect software, devices can be connected and managed through the AQUOS Board. Interactive functions such as sharing onscreen content, transferring files, control of the AQUOS Board from mobile devices, and interactive on-screen writing increases classroom engagement like never before. By connecting up to 50 mobile devices, students are now able to engage in discussions, host interactive presentations, and complete paperless class assignments, all through one platform! The best part about the AQUOS Display Connect software is the devices do not have to be running the same operating systems. This creates a "bring-your-own-device" environment where students who already own a laptop or tablet may bring it to school and utilize it in the classroom. Schools then do not need to provide devices for students who already have them; lowering integration costs and investment on technology.

By preparing students with cutting edge AQUOS technology, they will be more engaged in the classroom and prepared for the digital world after graduation.

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