Managed Print Services To Boost Your Productivity

Print management is enough to pull your hair out. Connected Office Technologies keeps your hairline intact with stellar print workflow enhancements.

Implement Print Solutions That Save Your Sanity

You’re a business owner with a full schedule. Your company’s success depends on your ability to oversee projects across departments and meet tight deadlines. The last thing you want to deal with is a busted printer that can’t deliver a brochure even on a good day. You deserve a printer fleet that offers high-quality materials and can handle the print jobs you throw at it. But you don’t have the time to oversee a full-on revision of your print infrastructure. So what do you do?

The Connected Office team is here for you. We’re masters of the printing environment and have the resources you need to establish, implement, and maintain a brand-new printing solution. Whether you have one location or many, our print management solutions are scalable and tailored to suit your precise needs. When you partner with our technicians, we keep your print fleet optimized and up to date with ongoing maintenance services and cloud-based functionality.

Our print solutions help you:

  • Reduce print costs through print device consolidation
  • Maximize uptime with proactive print management software
  • Track device use
  • Create user portals
  • Issue performance updates
  • Allocate costs and maintain print budgets
Printer Maintenance person swapping out printer ink

Browse Our Print Solutions

Connected Office knows you don’t want to spend hours and hours securing print devices and ensuring your fleet is optimized every minute of every day. That’s why we handle all the busy work. As your print management company, we oversee your printing environment with remote monitoring software and apply proactive maintenance services to keep you supplied. We’re there when you run low on printer toner or need a replacement part for your Sharp copier machine.

Our print management solutions include:

Remote Monitoring services person at desk with laptop

Secure Print Services the Way You Need Them

Connected Office understands no two printing environments are the same. We learn your goals and align with your mission to deliver print services that make sense. Let’s build your new strategy.

We’re Not the Mysterious Kind of Print Management Company

There is no shortage of managed print service (MPS) providers. You could place a call with one of a thousand businesses and receive services that are adequate but maybe leave you feeling a little cold on the human interaction side. Personalized sales and service in the business technology industry are a thing of the past—smaller, local organizations have been bought out, and now you’re left calling some faceless corporation for cookie-cutter services.

Connected Office strives to bring back the old-school approach to business technology solutions. When you sign up for our managed print services, we treat you like a neighbor, even when we aren’t literally across your street. We offer easy-to-read one-page agreements at a flat monthly fee. As an independently owned business, we also offer any product you need to upgrade your print infrastructure—we constantly research and revise our inventory to ensure we always provide you with the latest and greatest in the industry.