Custom Workplace Solutions From a Proven Provider

The print service and document management can feel daunting. Connected Office Technologies is your guide through the landscape.

Find Efficient Printing Solutions With Connected Office Technologies

Many small businesses have lofty ideas about their print environment or document management approach. However, with constant meetings, proposals, and daily tasks to focus on, many don’t have the resources or flexibility to bring these ideas to fruition.

Business technology is challenging to navigate. Equipment like monochrome printers or interactive displays may be functional one moment, only to delay your print queue or break down mid-conference without warning. A trustworthy partner can revolutionize your printing process by keeping equipment productive.

Connected Office Technologies is the partner you’re looking for. We offer high-end printing equipment, including printer toner, remote monitoring tools, 4K displays, and multifunction printers. Our team of experts provides top-of-the-line printing services whenever you need them.

What Connected Office Technologies Offers

After a detailed assessment of your environment, we can implement a sustainable printing program that best suits the needs of your business. Our tailored solutions include advanced equipment, skilled services, and document management for a wide range of industries.

Stock Up on Printer Toner for a Low Cost

The days of expensive printer toner and ink cartridges are behind you. Connected Office provides all you need through our printer program, which includes automatic delivery and onsite service for half of what you usually spend.

Why Clients Partner With Us

It’s all too common for business technology experts to be faceless professionals you never see or speak with more than once or twice. The service feels like a transaction, not a partnership. Connected Office wants to establish strong business relationships with clients. We treat you like a person, not a number.

We deliver mission-critical equipment with one-page contracts that are easy to read and free of hidden fees. You’ll also receive our services at a flat monthly rate that never increases and includes zero overages. And if you’re stuck in a bad contract with a current provider, we’ll buy out your account—regardless of how much time is left. We even take care of all equipment returns, or if you have old printers and copiers going to waste, we offer trade-ins to help get you the most out of your equipment.

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