Custom Workplace Solutions from Your Friendly Neighborhood Specialists

The print service and document management world can feel daunting. Connected Office Technologies can be your guide through the landscape.

Find Your Knight in Armor in the Connected Office Technologies Crew

Many small businesses have lofty ideas about their print environment or document management approach. Still, they don’t have the resources or flexibility to bring them to fruition. After all, as an executive, you already have your hands full with meetings, proposals, and the day-to-day grind.

The business technology industry can seem like a vast landscape rife with danger. Treacherous monochrome printers or interactive displays appear like a dream come true, only to delay your print queue or break down mid-conference, leaving you scrambling. If only you had a wizened teacher who’d offer the tools and guidance needed to secure stellar printing equipment and operate with detailed ongoing maintenance services.

The Connected Office team is the partner you’re looking for. We’ve arrived in a wizardly puff of smoke, our arms full of printer toner, remote printer monitoring tools, 4K displays, and multifunction printers.

We’re ready to learn your vision for a brand-new printer environment and create a long-term strategy that increases your productivity, boosts your mobility, and exceeds your expectations.

Score Printer Toner for a Low Cost

The days of expensive printer toner and ink cartridges are behind you. Connected Office provides all you need through our printer program, which includes automatic delivery and onsite service for half of what you usually spend. Cut costs with us.

Partner With Specialists Who Treat You Like a Companion

It’s too common for business technology experts to be faceless professionals you never see or speak with more than once or twice in a lifetime. The service feels like a transaction, not a partnership.

Connected Office wants to take things back to when your relationship with a managed service provider mattered. We treat you with personalized sales and service with a local touch, even when we aren’t just across the street. Our technicians deliver mission-critical equipment with one-page contracts that are easy to read and free of hidden fees. You receive our services at a flat monthly rate that never increases. If you’re stuck in a bad contract with a current provider, we can buy out your account and get you started with our team.

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