Proactive Printer Maintenance Services

You’re on the road to success. Don’t let a nasty printer-inflicted speed bump spin you out. Connected Office Technologies’ printer maintenance keeps you flexible.

Pursue Objectives Confidently With Laser Printer Maintenance Services

You’ve set your sights on a new client or business opportunity. Your collateral is expertly crafted, and all you need to do is print the content out and deliver it to interested parties. Your work is high-quality, so the printer has to respect that, right? But hold on—the moving parts in the copy machine are grinding, and your brochures have come out messy and unreadable. It turns out the toner cartridge needed replacing a week ago. If only someone had seen it coming.

Connected Office Technologies is dedicated to stopping horror stories like these from becoming the status quo. We provide preventative maintenance and repair services to companies of all sizes. We use remote printer monitoring to watch your office equipment, looking for signs of malfunction or neglect. Our factory-trained technicians apply proactive measures to keep you flush with ink cartridges and components.

Never Fear Copier Repair With Our Trained Professionals

Connected Office has hired a dedicated team of field technicians and bench technicians to remediate your issues either in-person or remotely. We have a four-hour onsite service guarantee, so you can bet your multifunction printer or Sharp copier will never be down for more than a day.

If your issue can be addressed remotely, we can resolve most problems within one hour. We understand that there’s no time to waste in the business landscape. That’s why when you sign a maintenance agreement with our professionals, you can rest assured we’ll be there for you with industry-leading printer maintenance kits to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Get Ink for Less Than You Think With Connected Office

We offer printer programs for a flat monthly fee that includes a commercial-grade printer, automatic toner delivery service, and onsite maintenance for half of what you’d spend otherwise. Let’s chat.

Close up view of person changing out toner in printer

Partner With Copier Maintenance Experts You Get To Know and Trust

For many managed print service providers, anonymity is the name of the game. You call 1-800-NOWHERE, and someone you don’t recognize and will never see again comes out to you with a quick fix and a word of advice. The transaction is adequate, but you feel a little cold after.

The Connected Office team is determined to bring back the old days of printer services that come from professionals you have come to know and who genuinely care about your needs. When you sign an agreement with us, our technicians and account representatives get to know your company inside out. We build a comprehensive, all-inclusive business technology strategy covering everything from ongoing maintenance to implementing new printer equipment and document management systems.