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The modern educational environment calls for a reliable printing provider. Schools rely on printing services for materials including class handouts, test papers, assignments, and other educational resources. Connected Office Technologies can help ensure these materials are produced efficiently and consistently, saving time and resources for both teachers and students. A printing provider can also offer a range of options and customization to meet the specific needs of a school.

Continue reading to learn about common printing challenges and solutions for schools, different options for the best printers in schools, and how Connected Office Technologies can help.

Educational Printing Services at Connected Office Technologies

Sick of unreliable school printers? Don’t have time to deal with a cumbersome printing process? Connected Office Technologies can provide the best managed print services and solutions for educational facilities and the best printers for schools.

Before we jump into managed service solutions and products for your school, let’s identify the importance of educational printing, the challenges you may already face, and why working with a partner like Connected Office Technologies will benefit you.

Education Printing Challenges

Printing is an essential part of many educational processes, but it can also be costly and time consuming. Addressing printing challenges in schools requires careful planning, budgeting, and technology management. By finding solutions that work for their specific needs, schools can ensure that they have the reliable printing resources they need to support their operations.

Here are some common printing challenges faced by schools and some potential solutions:

High Volume

Schools often have a high volume of printing needs, including assignments, reports, handouts, and other materials. This can strain printers and lead to frequent breakdowns or maintenance issues. One solution is to invest in high-quality, commercial-grade printers that can handle a high volume of printing without breaking down.

Limited Budgets

It’s difficult to invest in new printers or upgrade existing ones with a limited budget. One solution is to consider purchasing refurbished printers or purchasing printer maintenance contracts to extend the life of existing printers.

Lack of Resources

Schools may need more resources (such as staff or time) to properly maintain and troubleshoot printers when issues arise. One solution is to invest in printer management software that can automatically detect and fix problems, but you can also hire a dedicated third-party provider, like Connected Office Technologies.

Changing Technology

As technology advances, schools may need to upgrade their printers to stay current. This can be a costly and time-consuming process, but it’s necessary to ensure that students and teachers have access to the latest printing capabilities. One solution is to budget for regular upgrades and carefully research and compare options before purchasing.

Are you looking to update your school’s printers or partner with a managed service provider to streamline your printing process? Give Connected Office Technologies a call today for industry-leading services and printers for schools.

Why Schools Need to Partner With Printing Providers

Schools face increasing pressure to provide a high-quality education while managing tight budgets. One way to save money and improve efficiency is by partnering with a third-party printing provider, like Connected Office Technologies. Here are a few reasons why schools should consider this option:

Cost Savings

Working with Connected Office Technologies saves schools money. Our business has bulk purchasing power, which allows COT to negotiate lower prices for supplies such as paper and ink. In addition, schools can save on overhead costs such as electricity and maintenance by outsourcing their printing needs.

Expertise and Resources

Connected Office Technologies has the knowledge and resources to handle large-scale printing projects, such as producing course materials or promotional materials. This can be especially helpful for schools that do not have in-house printing capabilities or staff.

Hand pressing button on photocopy

Improved Efficiency

Partnering with Connected Office Technologies improves your efficiency by streamlining the printing process. We offer online ordering systems, which makes it easier for schools to place orders and track the progress of their projects in addition to monitoring your system and providing maintenance when necessary.

The Best Printers for Schools

At Connected Office Technologies, we provide industry-leading managed print services like remote monitoring and system maintenance, and we also partner with Brother to provide you with the best printer for schools. Find below our offerings to increase your efficiency and effectiveness in your printing operations.

Brother HL – L9310CDW

Are you looking for a printer with simple navigation and expansive Wi-Fi capabilities? With our L9310CDW model, you can access a scalable machine with a print rate of 33 documents per minute, yielding excellent quality, high-quality photos, and an automatic document feeder.

Brother MFC – L9570CDW

Are you looking for a printer with simple navigation and expansive Wi-Fi capabilities? With our L9310CDW model, you can access a scalable machine with a print rate of 33 documents per minute, yielding excellent quality, high-quality photos, and an automatic document feeder.

Brother MFC – L6900DW

Interested in small desktop school printers for quick and easy access? Our L6900DW model offers wireless printing with a 12,000-page ink cartridge and a 570-sheet paper capacity. This model also covers you with multi-layered security measures to protect sensitive data.

Brother HL – L6400DW

The L6400DW model is equipped with a 12,000-page toner cartridge with two-sided duplex capabilities to reduce paper use, saving your school money in the long run.

Connected Office Technologies: An Industry-Leading Provider of School Printers and Solutions

Since 2015, Connected Office Technologies has been a top provider of printing, scanning, and copying solutions and products for clients across industries. We know how busy educators are during the school day, so why waste time worrying about your printing process or old technology? Reach out to us today for quality services and the best printers for schools.