Government Printing Services

With a wide range of government printing services, it’s never been easier to vote archaic processes out of office.

New Policies Start at the Printer: Government-Specific Managed Print Solutions

Government agencies across the country are all too familiar with the “buzz” of copy machines and the “ding” indicating a new document’s arrival. With the demand of growing workloads, tight budgets, and increasingly stringent security regulations, it’s a struggle to find efficient, cost-effective printing solutions. Unless, of course, you elect the help of Connected Office Technologies.

As a full-service provider, we specialize in government managed print services. No matter what branch you work for, rest assured knowing we deliver:

  • Custom-tailored print services
  • All-inclusive packages
  • Flat, month-by-month pricing
  • No hidden fees or sudden charges
  • Buying groups to reduce overhead costs

With decades of expertise and a comprehensive approach, we’re your one-stop shop for everything print management.

Your Bureaucratic Blueprint for Better File Management

Centralizing documents is a pain, and this burden only gets heavier inside the political sector. If you need an easy way to conquer document management, form an alliance with Connected Office Technologies.

As an industry-leader in managed print, we help you resign from the struggles of document management, system implementation, and file consolidation. We’re more than just a printing company—we’re workflow optimizers—streamlining your processes with the following features:

  • Document Markup: Does your office see confidential data? We help you collaborate on digital documents and redact sensitive information.
  • Records Management: With our robust tools, you can securely manage digital files to ensure confidentiality.
  • Version Control: COT’s document management software enables you to track modifications and see a comprehensive history of all document use.

Time Is Money: Save Both with Connected Office Technologies

In today’s ever-changing political sector, fiscal and operational efficiency is vital. Luckily, our EDMS solutions improve both, organizing the distribution, use, and storage of your digital documents.

Join the Print Management Revolution

From CIA cybersecurity models to analytic tools used by the NSA, technological developments drive progress throughout every sector of the government—and printers are no exception. There’s been six administration changes in the 21st century alone. So why’s your copy machine on its third, fourth, or even fifth, term?

When it’s time for your old printer to step down, rest assured knowing Connected Office Technologies is here to revolutionize your print management processes.

  • Reduce Overhead Costs: Thanks to our economies of scale and pay-per-use model, we make it easy for governments to print what they need, when they want it—all for a budget-friendly price point.
  • Improved Reliability: In the political sector, printer problems are a filibuster to efficiency. We have the resources and expertise to quickly troubleshoot any issues that may arise.
  • Full-Service Solutions: With the ability to find printing, scanning, and shipping under one roof, it’s never been easier to simplify document management.
woman hands putting a sheet of paper into a copying device