Crystal-Clear Interactive Displays

Is there no spark in your meeting room? Connected Office Technologies’ interactive displays enliven your space.

Transform Communication With an Advanced Interactive Display

There are few things more frustrating than a finicky display system. Collaboration displays and interactive whiteboards should enable better space use and collaboration in training rooms, boardrooms, classrooms—anywhere you can gather people to discuss the matters of the day.

But there’s only so much you can get done when your display solution is wonky or outdated. You spend more time on the Tech Help Hotline with Miss Ascii from 1-800-NOWHERE than outlining the new project budget or lecturing students about the Second Industrial Revolution.

Connected Office Technologies is here to save you from a miserable status quo. We offer interactive displays for business and education that feature state-of-the-art touch technology, remote control, and pen software to enhance communication in your conference room or classroom. Our devices deliver crystal-clear image quality and a flexible screen, allowing people to write with their pens or fingers easily.

We Deliver Highly Responsive Interactive Displays for Education

A well-tuned interactive whiteboard sets the stage for an adaptable, collaborative learning experience. Join Connected Office Technologies in bidding farewell to dusty chalk hands and splotchy dry-erase markers and say hello to the future, where all you need to write are a few fingers (or a mess-free touch pen).

The Sharp Aquos Board

The Sharp 4T-B70CT1U Aquos Board interactive display is an affordable solution for collaboration and communication in the classroom. The device is plug-and-play and compatible with popular cloud-based platforms like Google Classroom. With 20 touch-points and a 70” screen, you have plenty of space for simultaneous writing and a place to let your large-scale presentations shine. If you’d rather have a more hands-off experience, the interactive display boasts customizable remote control from a connected device.

Not impressed? We’ll try again with more gusto. The Sharp Aquos Board’s benefits include:

  • Simultaneous Writing

    Multiple people can write on the screen at the same time with pens or fingers, thanks to the device’s robust touch-point functionality.

  • 4K Ultra-HD Resolution

    The interactive display supports 4K Ultra-HD, capturing the finest details of your videos and graphics.

  • Flexible Command Control

    The Sharp Aquos Board’s LAN command set centralizes your remote control.

  • Protective Glass

    You can conclude your lesson dent-free due to the interactive display’s anti-reflective tempered glass.

Expand Your Business Technology With Connected Office

Our team offers a comprehensive printer program at a flat monthly fee that includes all the equipment, onsite services, and consumables you need for a healthy printer fleet. Build a new strategy with our team.

Increase Productivity With Cutting-Edge Interactive Displays for Business

You’ve practiced all night for a project proposal. Your presentation is chock full of excellent graphics and relevant data. You have your script down pat, your suit pressed, and you’re ready to knock out management with your confidence. But there’s one thing in your way—a busted interactive display. The board won’t connect, and the touchpoints are out of whack. The technical mishap throws you off, and the room is unreceptive to your pitch.

Sounds awful? It is. You can save your bacon with an interactive display for business from the technology experts with Connected Office.

The Sharp Aquos Board Interactive Display

Have you ever wondered what a device that combines 4K reading and writing with a robust pen-on-paper experience looks like? Wonder no more. The PN-L2B Sharp Aquos Board features state-of-the-art PrecisionTouch technology to motivate your audience and invite them to collaborate. The display boasts integrated remote control and wireless functionality to improve productivity and elevate your performance.

PN-L2B Sharp Aquos Board
Sharp PN-CD701

The Spectacular PN-CD701

A disconnected conference room is a sad conference room. The PN-CD701 Windows collaboration interactive display is a next-generation device that enables better space use and elevates collaboration, whether you’re in a training room or technical review. A built-in microphone and a high-quality camera elevate the device, doing the groundwork to set you up for success before you even open your mouth to speak.

The key features of the PN-CD701 include:

  • A projected capacitive touchscreen
  • 4K Ultra-HD LCD screen
  • 10-point multi-touch screen
  • Dual-screen wireless casting and daisy-chaining
  • Modular 4K camera with microphone array

Explore Our Vivid Video Displays

If you need something a little less interactive but just as dazzling to look at, Connected Office has your back with our expansive video display selection. We’re talking 4K clarity and higher. Anything you present on these devices is bound to seem real.

Video Wall Displays

Sharp EX241UN-H-BK

Sharp EX241UN-H-BK

Sharp’s 24” desktop monitor mesmerizes you with color and clarity. The benefits of the device include:

  • LED backlight technology for low power consumption
  • Stand-free for simple mount connection
  • Full connectivity for HDMI, DVI-D, DisplayPort, and VGA
  • 5-way control button with on-screen display

Sharp PN-V701

The 70” Sharp PN-V701 is the device you need to build a massive video wall. The device conveys messages with style and precision. The advantages of the screen include:

  • Full array LED backlight
  • Enlarge display mode
  • High-definition LCD
  • Sharp uniform color calibration technology
Sharp PN-V701

8K Screens

Sharp 8M-B70AU

Sharp 8M-B70AU

The 70” commercial display model features stunning resolution and extensive control options. Other benefits include:

  • 8K Ultra High Definition LCD
  • HDR with mega contrast
  • 4K and 2K upconversions to 8K
  • Full array LED backlighting with dimming technology
Sharp 8M-B80AX1U

Sharp 8M-B80AX1U

Connected Office presents this 80” display featuring HDR for striking color. The advantages of the model include:

  • 8K-Ultra High Definition LCD
  • Full array LED backlighting with local dimming technology
  • 4K and 2K upconversions to 8K
  • HDR with wide color technology
Sharp 8M-B120C

Sharp 8M-B120C

The Connected Office team offers the 8M-B120C display for an excellent presentation. The benefits of the model include:

  • 8K Ultra High Definition
  • 120” screen size
  • 4K upscaling technology to 8K resolution
  • Full array LED backlighting