Comprehensive Document Management Systems

Records management without a well-structured document management solution is a headache. Connected Office Technologies delivers relief to offices everywhere.

What Is an Electronic Document Management System?

Electronic document management systems (EDMS) save you time by helping you organize the creation, use, distribution, and storage of digital documents in all file formats. EDMS platforms help your workforce share documents across departments and access them from anywhere. Every professional knows how disheartening it can be to need a piece of collateral and realize you left it on a flash drive or forgot to print it off beforehand. A well-rounded management system renders those sad days a distant memory.

A document management system from a managed service provider like Connected Office Technologies offers:

  • Scalable document storage
  • Access control and tagging
  • Versioning and collaborative editing
  • Internal and external file sharing
  • System and document tracking tools

Revitalize Your Business Technology

Is your color or monochrome printer on the fritz? Connected Office delivers comprehensive print monitoring and maintenance services at a flat monthly rate. Let’s strategize.

Automate Your Workflow With Cannon Document Management and More

You understand a little more about document management software and its key benefits. But how do you design and implement a successful EDMS? Centralizing an entire database of electronic documents is a pain for someone with minimal experience and a busy schedule.

With Connected Office in your corner, you don’t need to waste even a minute of your time struggling with document management system implementation. We’re a class-act group of business technology experts and assorted nerds ready to improve efficiency for your staff by delivering a state-of-the-art cloud-based records management solution.

We’re workflow optimizers. Our team creates a documentation implementation process modeled after your needs and goals. Not a single file will get lost in the shuffle after we finish your project.

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A Closer Look at Features of Our CRM Document Management Systems

Do you want to be more transparent and encourage collaboration around your company? A custom document management system from the Connected Office crew is what you need. The benefits of our systems include:

  • Version Control

    Our document management software allows you to automatically track document modifications and provides a comprehensive history of all document use. Our check-in and check-out systems guarantee that only one user at a time can modify a digital file.

  • Document Markup

    Your collaborators can add highlights, stamps, annotations, and more to digital documents. Do you deal with confidential data? Connected Office can give you the ability to redact sensitive information.

  • Records Management

    Securely manage digital files and share documents with robust tools. With our software, you can ensure the confidentiality of your data throughout its lifecycle.

  • Workflow Automation

    Connected Office helps you advance assignments automatically. Purchase orders and other critical documentation can be forwarded and passed along to managers, supervisors, and accountants without manual input.