Our Partners in Printing Excellence

The Connected Office Technologies team is your business technology guru, but even gurus have friends. Meet our industry partners.

We’re Independent—With a Few Trusted Allies

Connected Office Technologies is fiercely independent, and for a good reason. We want to take the business technology industry back to the old days when your print service or document management provider wasn’t a faceless suit from 1-800-NOWHERE. Even when we aren’t in your county or state, we want you to feel like we’re next-door neighbors. Our staff is responsive and available 24/7/365.

We deliver excellence, from monochrome printers to interactive displays and managed print services. There’s no room for subpar service when your productivity and mobility are on the line.

Our technicians constantly research what’s best from a technology and supply chain perspective to ensure we deliver what’s the hottest and most effective in the industry to our clients and partners. We’re selective in who we partner with for your benefit. We perform extensive annual research and bring that to the market. In other words, the brands don’t choose us. We choose them.

Shake Off the Contract Blues With Connected Office

Are you stuck in a printer service contract you’d rather ditch? Connected Office can buy out your current agreement and set you up with our all-inclusive program. Our contracts are easy-to-read, one-page affairs with a monthly flat fee. Get free.

Receive the Business Technology You Deserve From Providers Who Care

Do you miss when your relationship with a managed print services provider mattered? Small organizations that offer personalized sales and services are hard to find. What used to be the status quo is now just a thing of the past.

But the Connected Office team isn’t quick to give up. We marry the old-school approach to print services and document management solutions with all the modern bells and whistles you expect. We’re available, responsive, and personable, and we deliver cutting-edge solutions that boost your long-term productivity and communication. From educational smartboards and small office printers to multifunction devices and black-and-white machines.