Printing Equipment for a Successful Fleet

Do you dream of printing solutions that are just out of reach? Reel them in a little closer with excellent print services and products.

Build the Printing Environment You Imagined With Connected Office Technologies’ Corporate Printing Services

Corporate printing environments are fickle. The modern workplace is split between the home office and the more traditional setting, and it can feel impossible to meet everyone’s needs when you’re a business owner with a full schedule. When you put your head down at night, you see visions of multifunction printers equipped with automatic document feeders that efficiently deliver high-quality brochures, booklets, and other marketing materials. You wish you had a printing equipment supplier who could take your vision and spin it into something tangible.

Connected Office Technologies is the outfit you’ve hoped for. We support small businesses with high-quality corporate printing services. We’re the genies of the business technology realm—we learn what you need, align with your culture and goals, and grant your wish for laser printers, scanners, and copiers that exceed your expectations.

Our expansive selection of laser copiers and printers offers:

  • Low running costs
  • Superior print quality
  • Easy-to-use control panels
  • Duplex printing capabilities
  • High maximum paper capacities
  • Robust cloud connectivity options
Person adding more paper to a print tray

We’re a Versatile Printing Equipment Supplier

Connected Office Technologies is independently owned, so we can offer you the printing devices you need without being tethered to a provider. Our analysts constantly research and revise our approach to business technology to ensure you always receive advanced and effective printing equipment. Whether you need a new 4K interactive display, a laser printer toner refill, a black-and-white printer, or ongoing maintenance services, we’re ready to help you.

Never Feel Trapped With Connected Office Technologies

Our flexibility extends to our contract approach. We don’t tangle you in agreements full of restrictive terms and complex language you’d need a decoder ring to decipher. Our contracts are simple, one-page affairs free of hidden costs and tomfoolery.

But how much do we cost? We offer corporate printing services at a flat monthly fee. That fee includes equipment, onsite assistance, and all consumables and parts. A full replacement warranty protects every device we offer for the length of your contract.

Partner With a Responsive Team of Technicians

There’s no time to waste when your printing environment is at stake. Connected Office sends trained technicians to respond to your service requests. We monitor machines 24/7/365 and proactively react to supply issues. Let’s optimize your workflow.

Browse Our Copiers, Printers, and More (Oh My)

You need a primo brochure-deliverer, booklet-maker, and proposal-printing extraordinaire. The Connected Office team has what you need. We offer customized print services that match your objectives. Our technicians learn your requirements and recommend impactful devices and accessories. To keep your equipment up to date, we create and implement a long-term maintenance strategy that includes remote monitoring and preventative repairs.

Our printer products include:

Production Printers

Quality print jobs are hard to find. Our team makes it easier by providing you with exceptional color and black-and-white production printers.

Desktop Printers

Home office printers are a dime a dozen, but only a few can meet your needs as a professional. Connected Office learns your objectives and delivers devices that improve your productivity.

Close up view of person using desktop printer
Interactive Display Board inside classroom

Interactive Display

Knock out your next conference with a brand-new display. Our collaborative whiteboards improve communication and productivity in boardrooms and classrooms alike.

Toner & Supplies

Lousy prints can spoil your mood and throw off your schedule. Keep things on track with a healthy supply of laser printer toner and ink cartridges.