The High-Performance Monochrome Printer

Your production print workflow says a lot about you. The MX-B707P ensures it’s all good things.

Your Next Favorite Monochrome All-in-One Printer

You dream about the perfect monochrome laser printer like it’s a fairy tale—a machine that prints copies at an incredible speed, offers a variety of connectivity options, has a low cost per page, and has no trouble interfacing with your home office or corporate setting. Your Printer Charming is the picture of high performance and productivity. But a printer so perfect is too good to be true.

Prepare to have your expectations shattered. Grab your shiniest glass slippers and slide into our pumpkin-shaped tech van because Connected Office Technologies is about to introduce you to the MX-B707P. Sharp’s premier monochrome printer is a durable, compact, and easy-to-use device boasting all the cutting-edge features and finishing you’d expect from a multifunction machine. With the MX-B707P on your side, you discover a newfound confidence in your production throughput.

Sharp MX-B707P - 3

What Can a Brand-New Monochrome Laser Printer With a Scanner Do for You?

The MX-B707P monochrome printer offers all the power of a color office printer in a robust package. What the machine may lack in vivacity, it makes up for in clarity—the device’s 1,200 by 1,200 dpi resolution produces rich, consistent, razor-sharp output no matter the size of your print order. The machine has standard print capabilities out of the box with system updates that provide feature enhancements and ensure compatibility with current technology.

Discover More About the Premier Printer

The MX-B707P’s key features also include:

  • Print speeds up to 55 and 70 pages-per-minute
  • A 4.3” diagonal touchscreen for print preview to ensure precision
  • Letter size, legal size, and envelope support through the paper drawer and bypass tray
  • Five paper sources with available 4,400-sheet maximum paper capacity
  • Optional finisher offering up to 500-sheet output with 50-sheet staple and hole punching
  • Popular mobile technology support for easy printing from smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint support for printing from mobile devices, USB drives, or file servers
  • Front-facing USB port for easy access to direct printing
  • 100-sheet bypass tray for envelopes, labels, and specialty media

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