The Accessible Sharp A4 MFP

Excellent integration and increased productivity don’t have to be out of reach. The MX-C407F is right here. Connected Office Technologies is your reliable liaison.

The User Experience Comes First With the Sharp Color MFP Laser Printer

If you’re here, you already know what it’s like to deal with an inaccurate color laser printer. You’re acquainted with the pain of overloaded machines, misprinted documentation, and a multifunction printer that works well in the workplace but not with your mobile device or home office. You may believe heartbreak is inevitable, no matter what laser printing device you side with.

Connected Office Technologies is here to help you learn to love again. The MX-C407F Sharp MX printer is a high-volume device that produces high-quality color prints completely and consistently. Whether you’re looking for outstanding paper handling or networking capabilities, the MX-C407F shatters expectations with its simple and intuitive multifunction design and cutting-edge connectivity features.

Sharp MX-C407F - 2

When you partner with Connected Office for a Sharp A4 MFP device, you enjoy these benefits:


The Sharp MX printer series offers out-of-the-box copy, print, scan, and fax capabilities and robust Cloud Connect features that enable users to connect wirelessly and manage their workflows through Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, PCs, tablets, smartphones, and more.

Workplace Compatibility

The modern network environment is complex. The MX-C407F integrates seamlessly with your organization, supporting all popular cloud services and mobile devices. Frequent system updates ensure your multifunction printer remains up to date and compatible with new technology.

Ease of Use

The Sharp A4 MFP’s award-winning touchscreen display offers a user-friendly graphical interface with simplified modes, detailed user guides, and easy access to network services.

Sharp Printer Services Revolutionize Connectivity for Your Company

The job gets done, and it gets done well with the MX-C407F machine. As a Sharp MX printer, the MX-C407F model strives to exceed your expectations at every turn. The device scans documents at print speeds of up to 60 images per minute. It’s also compatible with popular cloud services like Microsoft OneDrive, Sharepoint Online, Dropbox, and Google Drive for effective print-from and scan-to functionality.

Are you worried about being overwhelmed with options? This color laser printer offers a suite of Easy Modes for fast and simple operation. Essential functions are displayed in clearly labeled tiles and keys. If you’re hankering for greater detail, press the “detail” key. It’s simple. It’s beautiful. And it saves you from undue migraines.

Spin Your Outdated Printer Fleet Into Something New and Majestic

Old or defunct printers have a massive negative impact on your productivity. Connected Office recommends and delivers new hardware tailored to your short- and long-term objectives. Let’s revise your technology.

The Connected Office Technologies Team Simplifies Your Print Services

Our team does more than supply you with industry-leading, 40-page-per-minute, black-and-white-and-color, 1,200-by-1,200-dpi-print-resolution, duplex-printing machines. We’re your partners in all things business technology. We’ll liberate you from a predatory service contract with simple, one-page agreements and a flat monthly fee that covers all your critical maintenance needs.

We’re responsive and personable. When you call our technician or account representatives, you’re never greeted by some anonymous lackey. You chat with someone you know and have (hopefully) grown to trust. Our mission is to treat our clients, national and otherwise, with the local touch they deserve. We strive to be your favorite partner. Full stop.