SafeTemp Kiosks

Facial Recognition & Temperature Scanner Displays

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Ensure those who are entering your building are safe. As businesses work to implement new security measures that keep employees secure and healthy moving forward, it is crucial we screen individuals before entry. COT Safe Entry Kiosks allow for temperature & facial recognition of every individual who enters a building. These can be used with access gates, offices, schools, hotels, transportation hubs, and more. 

Access Control

Safe Access Kiosk  temperature  &  facial  recognition display can prevent intruders and people with elevated temperature or no mask from entering your offices, schools, hospitals & public facilities. 

Our Kiosks combine a powerful thermal camera and industrial grade binocular wide dynamic camera. This provides fast and accurate reads for those entering your facilities. 

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  • 8-inch IPS full-view LCD display.

  • Industrial-class appearance, waterproof and dustproof design which is stable and reliable.

  • Supports 30,000 faces in database. The 1:1 comparison recognition rate is more than 99.7%, and the live detection accuracy rate is 98.3%. Face recognition pass speed is less than 1 second.

  • Supports accurate face recognition and comparison while wearing a mask.

  • Using industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera, night infrared and LED dual photo flood lamp.

  • Supports human body temperature detection and temperature display. The best temperature detection distance is 0.5 meters. The longest distance at which body temperature can be measured is 1 meter.

  • It only takes a few seconds for detection, and supports automatic alarm for body temperature abnormality.

  • Attendance temperature measurement data is exported in real time.

  • Supports various peripheral expansions such as ID card reader, fingerprint reader, IC card reader, two-dimensional code reader, etc.

  • The documentation is complete and supports secondary development.

  • Supports system level, APP offline level, APP +  network level multiple API Docking