The A3 Monochrome Printer Delivers Vivid Quality

Your business can only get so far if you have no confidence in your technology. The MX-M3071 can restore your faith in the power of black-and-white printers.

Introducing the Stellar A3 Black and White Printer

Today’s business environment is busier and more demanding than ever. Without an up-to-date printer equipment in your office corner, you’re bound to struggle to keep up with document requests.

If you’re ready to move on, Sharp’s brilliant MX-M3071 A3 monochrome printer has you covered where print quality, print speed, and reliability are concerned. The machine offers robust multitasking features and seamless integration with cloud services and mobile technologies. As a premier office printer, the MX-M3071 boasts cutting-edge security measures, voice capabilities, and robust duplex print options.

The benefits of Sharp’s Advanced Series A3 printer include:

Sharp MX-M3071S - 1

Productivity Boosters

Multifunction is available directly out of the box. The printer can handle all copying, color network scanning, and network printing easily. Using New Adobe Embedded Print Engine technology, the A3 monochrome printer can direct print PDF files from many sources with high rendering accuracy.

Workplace Friendliness

Modern workplaces have sophisticated network environments. The MX-M3071 A3 monochrome printer features an Application Portal that allows admins to add or update apps from the user interface.

Ease of Use

The MX-M3071’s MFP Voice feature allows you to use language to program and adjust your machine. The A3 monochrome printer also features an award-winning touchscreen display that offers quick access to network services and simplified operation modes. The machine never stands in the way when a job needs to be done.

Prosper Through Advanced Design and Multifunctional A3 Print Capabilities

No amount of wishful thinking can compensate for the rising print costs and wasted time associated with a malfunctioning printer. Outdated machines hold you back, and you don’t have time for them. You have deals to seal and marketing collateral to deliver.

Whether you’re after basic copy functions or a solution to tackle complex scan jobs, this A3 monochrome printer has you covered. And the best part is that you don’t need to grapple with a massive instruction manual to figure out how to turn the thing on. The printer offers Easy Modes for simple operation, with essential functions spelled out in large, clearly labeled tiles.

Find Out More About the A3 Printer

The MX-M3071’s key features include:

  • 30 pages-per-minute (ppm) printing capabilities
  • A 150-sheet duplexing single-pass document feeder
  • 500 GB hard disk drive
  • Automatic walk-up motion sensor for immediate use
  • Customizable touchscreen with easy-to-view tiles
  • End-of-Lease measure for data deletion before trade-in
  • Wireless connectivity to promote mobility

If you need a little more guidance, Connected Office Technologies offers an all-inclusive service package that covers all your business technology needs. Whether you need a thorough facility walkthrough, a new implementation strategy, or a little help with installation and maintenance, we’re the technicians to call.